Medical Students

Hawkins Medical Clinic has a long history of providing training to medical students from Flinders University.

Since 2002 more than 40 students have spent 12 months based in the clinic and the good exposure to everyday clinical practice has resulted in excellent experience. Thank you to all patients who consent to seeing medical students, you are equipping the future medical workforce. Our graduates now in clinical practice include- rural GPs, pediatricians, Emergency medicine doctors and physicians. Several of the current Hawkins GPs participated in their rural placements and it's exciting to see graduates choosing to continue serving their rural communities. It wouldn't be possible without an accommodating patient base.

Hawkins Medical Clinic is now the only clinic in Mt Gambier providing prevocational medical training and we remain committed to providing training into the future.

One of our GP’s Dr Pradeep PV has been awarded the Burns Alpers Award for excellence in clinical teaching 4 times. This award is given by students for the most beneficial and influential teacher of the year. We are proud of the efforts our doctors put in to ensure students are well trained and understand the importance of a solid foundation of knowledge before becoming fully qualified.

The rural teaching program is administered within the region by Dr Lucie Walters and within Hawkins Clinic by Dr Scott Milan.

Our Students for 2020 are:

  • Rebecca Coffey
  • Bronte Hyams
  • Samantha Simpkins
  • Rebecca Davies
  • Rachel Crook

Previous students


  • Keren Wu
  • Lilian Fellner
  • Lachlan Frost
  • Zac Ong
  • Jason Tan
  • Pamela Gebrihiwot


  • Elizabeth Alexander
  • Laura Grave
  • Jessica Howard
  • Jarrod Hulme-Jones
  • Alexander Newton
  • Lachlan Kerr


  • Jacinta Clark
  • Sylvia Goedegebuur
  • Davina Lovegrove
  • Ella Nagorcka


  • Ellen Dunaiski
  • Bede Hennessy
  • Laura McDade
  • Martin Witney


  • Bridget Lloyd-Fox
  • Liana Van der Veerdonk
  • Cathy Leung
  • Dayle Rundle-Thiele


  • Scott Warming
  • Nina Sandford
  • Andrew Hughes


  • Fen Fen Koh
  • Genevieve Mount
  • Vimal Stanislaus
  • Andrew Hughes


  • Courtney Potter
  • Megan Cain
  • Justin Gladman


  • Moira McDonald-Young
  • Steve Smith
  • Ellie Fletcher


  • Kathryn Tiver
  • Amera Halabi
  • Jessica Gehlert


  • Sharon Gherlach
  • John Pietriese
  • Julie Tullett


  • Julie Tullett
  • James Hopkins
  • Erin Oliver-Landry
  • Tyler Munk


  • Alina Harris
  • Mereke Perem


  • Aidan Herbert
  • Julie Torrie


  • Nick Russell
  • Lucia Mandile


  • Adrian Hekel
  • David Banks


  • Natalia Bilvk
  • Rebecca Nelson


  • Alison Malpass
  • Elicia McGinniss

  • Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
  • The Royal Austrailian College of General Practitioners
  • Flinders University
  • Healthscope
  • GPEX
  • QPA