Hawkins Medical Clinic can provide employers, insurers and patients with a number of various types of medical assessments.

Our clinic nurses can perform Audiometric and Lung Function testing as part of a medical requested by an employer to provide baseline readings prior to commencing employment. Additional fees apply for these tests.

Driving medicals (Heavy Vehicle/Passenger/Taxi/Commercial) are preferred to be conducted by the patient’s regular doctor. The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure should be advised of the appointment time booked and will generally extend the patient’s timeframe for medical assessment if required.

Hawkins Medical Clinic offers employers the use of our generic pre-employment medical forms in the absence of specific employer forms. Assessment of the time required to complete specific employer forms may be necessary where these are more involved than our standard forms. If you have any questions please contact the Practice Manager to discuss further.

Most medicals require a double appointment with the doctor. Patients are encouraged to attend 15-30 minutes before their appointment to allow sufficient time for our nurses to record observations and measurements before seeing the doctor. Audio and Lung Function tests need to be booked separately prior to the doctor’s appointment.

Drug Screening for employment medicals is not performed within the clinic, instead employers are encouraged to contact one of the two pathology providers in Mount Gambier to arrange for this testing. There is no Medicare rebate for third party drug screening so the employer needs to make financial arrangements for such testing.

Similarly, Hawkins Medical Clinic does not perform Diving or Pilot medicals.

  • Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
  • The Royal Austrailian College of General Practitioners
  • Flinders University
  • SA Pathology
  • GPEX
  • QPA