Script Requests & Test Results

Repeat Script Clinic

We now provide an alternative to ordering your repeat scripts over the phone. Pre-booked phone appointments for prescription renewals are available Monday - Friday. Morning appointments start at 8.15am, and evening appointments start at 6.30pm. Please note that the doctor MUST speak to the patient requiring the prescription during this appointment. Doctors may not prescribe drugs of dependence or authority medication at these clinics.

Script Requests

One of the services we offer our patients is the ability to phone the clinic to request a repeat prescription for regular medication that does not require a review. When you phone the clinic please have the name of the medication and dosage so our telephone staff can submit an accurate script request for our doctors to check and complete. Please allow at least 3 days for non-urgent script requests to be processed. Repeat prescriptions are normally charged at a fee of $20.00 for all patients. Those who required their prescriptions written urgently (within the next 24 hours) are charged $30.00.

Patients who arrange for their medications to be packed in Webster packs at their pharmacy will need to contact the clinic to make an appointment for a consultation to renew their medication prescription.

Patient requests for prescriptions are sent to our doctor's using the Best Practice messaging system. This allows staff to link the request to the patient which allows the doctor to automatically open the correct patient's file. Details of the request are automatically entered into the progress notes. Your doctor can then review your notes if required.

We ask our patients to call during working hours if they would like to request a repeat prescription.

Test Results

Another service that we offer our patients is test results over the phone with one of our nurses or receptionists. Our doctors will check results and then notify their receptionists if they would like the results to be delivered over the phone or if they require an appointment with their patient to discuss further. We encourage patients calling for test results to phone the clinic during business hours.

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