Standard Health Check-up

Hawkins Medical Clinic recommends having an annual standard health check-up. A check-up should be completed by your regular doctor who knows your medical history. It’s a great way to check in with your doctor and to have any niggling issues sorted out.

Skin Check Clinics

Our dedicated skin check clinic is a private clinic run by General Practitioners who have a special interest in skin cancer medicine and have undertaken extra training in this field. Our aim is to provide an efficient and accessible service for early detection and management of skin cancer at a primary care level. We offer skin checks (for children over 10 years and adults) and procedures for diagnosis and surgical management of skin cancer. This may include biopsies, excisions, cryotherapy, and also various topical therapies (cream and ointments) for some pre-cancerous lesions. Complex surgical cases and skin lesions requiring further assessment and treatment will be referred to specialist services as appropriate.

Skin checks: Total fees between $154.70-$129.70 Medicare rebate $79.70 gap fee $50.00- $75.00

Procedures: Minor procedures including skin lesion biopsies, excision and curettage of lesion - Fees for these procedures include a medicare rebate which is dependent on the item number plus a gap fee, starting at $60. After care is included in these fees (removal of sutures) and the total will be charged at the conclusion of the service.

*The fee schedule may be subject to change at the discretion of the treating doctor*

Chronic Disease Management

Hawkins Medical Clinic has a number of staff trained in Chronic Disease Management education, in particular diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and asthma.

Our staff will explain how you can help to control or minimise the effects of your medical condition and will prepare a draft management plan for your doctor. You will subsequently see your doctor who will discuss your condition and the management plan. You will be provided with a copy to keep with you for your records.

Where other providers are involved with your medical care your doctor may seek your consent to send them a copy of your management plan encouraging them to participate in a team care arrangement. Team Care arrangements may allow you access to funding from Medicare to assist with the cost of treatment by an allied health professional in conjunction with your GP for your chronic condition.

Cervical Screening Test (Pap Smear) Clinics

Hawkins Medical Clinic has one nurse that is trained in administering Cervical Screening Tests. Your doctor may offer the alternative of seeing this nurse for your regular cervical screening test. The results of these tests are viewed by your doctor and any follow up required is the responsibility of your doctor.

Patients requesting an appointment with a nurse will require confirmation by their regular doctor that a referral to a nurse is appropriate for the individual patient.

Patients are charged the same gap for a nurse cervical screening test as would apply to see their regular doctor.

Self Collection may also be an option and can be discussed with you GP.

Seasonal Flu Clinics

Hawkins Medical Clinic hold annual flu vaccination clinics. These clinics usually commence around April depending on our flu vaccine supply. Flu clinics are bulk billed for patients over 65 or those deemed medically at risk by their doctor. On the day a doctor will go through a consent form with you and then one of our nurses will give you the injection. You can book into a flu clinic by phoning Hawkins on 87255266. Each year the commencement date varies slightly so stay tuned on our Facebook page as we will announce when the flu clinics will begin on this forum.

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