In 2020 Hawkins Clinic will continue participating in the Intern program which commenced in 2019.

In conjunction with Country Health SA, Flinders University and the University of Adelaide, 5 interns over the course of 2020 will each be rotated from the Mount Gambier Hospital for a 10 week general practice placement at Hawkins Clinic.

Under the supervision of senior Hawkins GPs these interns will be exposed to the many facets of general practice which will give them medical experiences outside hospitals and may help them in their future career choices.

The doctors below will be at Hawkins Medical Clinic in 2021:

  • Dr Zhong Ong
  • Dr Nikki Pennifold
  • Dr Jessica Farrer
  • Dr William Wong
  • Dr Olivia Ong

Previous Interns


  • Dr Mona Zandiehvakili
  • Dr Ilze Alexander
  • Dr Anand Ghataura
  • Dr Angela Ngui
  • Dr ObaaYaa Bonsu


  • Dr Amanda Ciozda
  • Dr Verity Lang
  • Dr Brianna Martin
  • Dr Donald Shivakkumar
  • Dr Min Suk 'Danny' Sung

Postgraduate General Practice Placement Program (PGPPP) program.

Hawkins Clinic participated in this program from 2007 until it ceased at the end of 2014. Intern placements were from the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Interns were rotated from the RAH for a 10 week placement in Hawkins Clinic.

Drs Elliot-Smith and Dunn were the main supervisors for these interns during their placement although other clinic doctors supervised some sessions.

PGPPP interns were rostered for 3 sessions at the Accident and Emergency Department of the Mount Gambier Hospital each week where they worked under supervision of a general practitioner (most of whom are Hawkins Clinic GPs). The remaining sessions of the week were spent at Hawkins Clinic either consulting with our duty doctor or in teaching.

The doctors below have spent a PGPPP placement at Hawkins Clinic.


  • Dr Alex Goldsworthy
  • Dr Josh Jervis-Bardy
  • Dr Sandeep Doriswamy
  • Dr Talia Hill
  • Dr Vamsee Thalluri


  • Dr Meenakshi Kundu
  • Dr Robert Grieve
  • Dr Marni Roberts
  • Dr Lucia Migliore
  • Dr Lydia Scott


  • Dr Bryan Mitchelson
  • Dr Andrew Trang
  • Dr Tim Greenwell
  • Dr Rick Champion
  • Dr Louise Fisher


  • Dr Irene Ruderman
  • Dr Martin Downs
  • Dr Michael Chou
  • Dr Rudyard Wake
  • Dr Mark Keen


  • Dr Sein Tan
  • Dr Jessica Choong
  • Dr Shyalle Kahawita
  • Dr Michelle Tan
  • Dr Natalie Payne


  • Dr Jennifer Moon
  • Dr Jason Nair
  • Dr Sean Jolly
  • Dr Jacqueline Altree
  • Dr Alice Powell
  • Dr Jessica Conway
  • Dr Lucy Dempster
  • Dr Will Cundy
  • Dr Arvind Rajagopalan
  • Dr Tom Paxton


  • Dr Adelaide Schumann
  • Dr Alice Thompson
  • Dr Natasha Ung
  • Dr Yiani Harpas
  • Dr Shaad Manchanda
  • Dr Clarissa Darmasetiawan
  • Dr Jenna Paterson
  • Dr Danny Aawad
  • Dr Anna Balabanski
  • Dr Bobak Bahrami


  • Dr Dominique Baume
  • Dr Aaron Thomas
  • Dr Marrillo Jayasuriya
  • Dr Domenic La Paglia
  • Dr Shridhar Krishnan
  • Dr Niyanta D’Souza
  • Dr Emma Hazelton
  • Dr Yanni Loh
  • Dr Bernard Lee
  • Dr Bethany Kloeden
  • Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
  • The Royal Austrailian College of General Practitioners
  • Flinders University
  • Healthscope
  • GPEX
  • QPA