Hawkins Medical Clinic continues to participate in the Intern Program which commenced in 2019.

In conjunction with Country Health SA, Flinders University and the University of Adelaide, 5 interns over the course of 2020 will each be rotated from the Mount Gambier Hospital for a 10 week general practice placement at Hawkins Clinic.

Under the supervision of senior Hawkins GPs these interns will be exposed to the many facets of general practice which will give them medical experiences outside hospitals and may help them in their future career choices.

The intern and student training programs involve a student or intern being assigned to a clinic doctor for a session for observation. Patients are asked prior to the appointment if they are happy to see the intern as part of their consult with their normal GP.

  • Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
  • The Royal Austrailian College of General Practitioners
  • Flinders University
  • SA Pathology
  • GPEX
  • QPA