Obstetric Services

Your medical care during pregnancy and the birth of your baby can be provided by Hawkins Medical Clinic through a variety of options.

  1.   Seeing your regular doctor or GP Obstetrician
  2. A number of general practitioners at our clinic provide antenatal care. Some provide shared care with either a specialist Obstetrician or one of the Hawkins GP Obstetricians. Hawkins Clinic has 3 GP Obstetricians, Dr Peter Charlton, Dr Diana Cross and Dr Steve Dunn.

  3.   Shared care with one of our shared care doctors and midwife
  4. Hawkins Medical Clinic has 2 midwives, Cathy and Leanne who provide antenatal care at our Branch Clinic. Our midwives are very experienced in the Mount Gambier Hospital labour ward procedures so they can help explain how things will occur when you are admitted.

    Our midwives share the routine antenatal care with our shared care doctors, typically on alternate visits and will perform the same checks the doctors would. They will consult promptly with your doctor in case of any concerns.

  5.   Seeing a specialist Obstetrician

Public Patients

Patients without private insurance will be admitted as public patients to the Mount Gambier Hospital. The obstetric doctor who will care for you will be the obstetric GP on duty.

The 3 Hawkins GP Obstetricians as well as Dr Lucie Walters, Dr Diana Zwijnenburg and locums provide public obstetric services to the Mount Gambier Hospital on a 24/7 basis.

Private Patients

Patients with private insurance who wish to be admitted as a private patient for the birth of their baby will need to discuss this with their obstetric GP as early as possible in the pregnancy. If your GP of choice accepts you as a private patient they will attend the birth of your baby even if it is not their rostered day on duty.

Private patients are charged separately for the obstetric GP services. Discuss this with your obstetric GP when considering private delivery. Be aware that should an obstetric specialist and/or anaesthetist become involved in your care they will also issue their own accounts as well (which may include a gap fee).

After the birth of your baby

After your child is born, the GP obstetrician who was involved in the delivery continues to supervise your care until you are discharged from hospital. Once you are discharged, you return to the care of the GP who carried out most of your antenatal care, unless an alternative arrangement is made by a private patient.

For a first baby, a single appointment is often made for your baby at 2 weeks for a brief check-up. Both you and your baby will normally be seen during a double appointment about 6-8 weeks after delivery. Your baby will be due for their first immunisations from 6 weeks.


If an emergency occurs, or you are concerned about something and it is during clinic hours, phone the clinic on 87255266 and ask to speak with the sister who can arrange an urgent consultation with your doctor or obtain advice towards the best plan of action. If it is after hours then phone the labour ward on 87211269 or 87211297 and speak to the midwife, who will advise what to do.

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